Xany Rudoff is a Los Angeles-based artist who has been working as a professional painter for the past fifteen years. Trained at one of the most prestigious fine art programs in the country, UCLA, Rudoff has been featured in many notable publications including Vanity Fair Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, The LA Weekly, and most recently, featured in a six page spread in the cutting edge London Art publication, Cock No.7, for their "Dreams" and "Vinyl" themed issues.

Born in Pasadena, California to an artist mother and art historian father, Rudoff moved with her family to the desert expanse of Apple Valley, CA, a site that would be crucial for her artistic development. In the wide, empty nothingness of the desert landscape, there were no limitations to Rudoff's imagination, and upon returning to Los Angeles to pursue her B.F.A. in Fine Arts and graduate Magna Cum Laude at the University of California, Los Angeles, she was able to see the city and the art world through her unique and individualistic outlook and always, "Think Outside The Box".

She has overcome many difficult hardships and struggles herself, from losing both her parents at the age of 30 in 2004, to the recent loss of her only sibling, her brother, writer John Rudoff, in 2011. Xany has had to endure many difficult times of struggling herself, at times so broke and penniless she could not afford art supplies to paint and would use whatever found objects she came across to keep continuing to paint. It was through these times of financial hardship that she invented her iconic album cover series, as she could not afford to buy canvas at the time to paint on. Although Xany has had to endure many physical and financial hardships in pursuit of her dreams, throughout all these challenges, she never gave up hope and continued to channel her passion for art, and through her focused determination and perseverance, she was able to overcome these obstacles, so she could be able to teach, inspire, and give hope to many others to "Never Give Up " in the pursuit of their dreams. It is a true testament to Xany's positive and undefeatable attitude, that has inspired, motivated, and endeared herself to many of her collectors and fans.

Throughout the years, Xany's artwork has taken on many different themes and outlets. She began her highly political series about the Vietnam War and the American Media in the late 1990's touching upon such highly charged issues pertaining to the United States involvement in the war and the effect it had on society and the media fallout that occurred. Her recent work takes on the Iconization of celebrity and rock stars using the traditional techniques from the Byzantine Era of 24 carat gold and silver leaf and watercolor.

Xany Rudoff's art work has been featured in many exhibitions and benefits and has donated her artwork for such charitable causes including The Los Angeles Children's Hospital, The David Lynch Foundation, The Bill Graham Foundation, The MusiCares Foundation, and the theatrical production of "Silver For Gold" produced by acclaimed musician David J. She is an avid believer in giving back to the community and to those less fortunate, as she herself, has been in times of need and will never forget the generosity, kindness, and help from all those who supported and believed in her during her darkest hours.

Xany Rudoff had her first major New York debut solo show in May 2013, at The Ward-Nasse Gallery, located in Soho on Prince Street, in New York City. She most recently participated in the 50th Anniversary of the Sunset Marquis Hotel, where she donated one of her iconic paintings of the Rolling Stones, "It's Only Rock And Roll" to help raise funds for the MusiCares Foundation. It is now in the collection of an amazing actress and comedian, Ms. Whoopie Goldberg, a truly kind and wonderful woman whom Xany was very honored to have met and have one of her favorite paintings in Ms. Goldberg's art collections.

Her paintings are collected by notable celebrities and musicians alike such as Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro, Whoopie Goldberg, David Lynch, pop singer Pink, Alan McGee, Carl Barat, David J, Patti Smith, and many other talented and inspiring collectors. She is represented in New York City by Drate/Salavetz.